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Company Overview
Citadel Maritime was founded by two former Royal Marine Commando’s who had served together on Combat Operations.

After leaving the Royal Marines and working for Top-Tier Maritime Security companies each felt that there was a significant disconnect in the relationship between the Security Companies and their employees which increased risk for the Masters and Crew they protected.  Their solution was to start Citadel.  A company designed to attract the best in the industry.  This is why we focus so carefully on creating an Operational Environment where our Operators can do their best work.

Our retention rate for our Maritime Security Consultants is 93.6%.  This is amongst the highest in the industry.


Matthew Kingston, Director

Matt oversees the selection and deployment of our personnel and equipment, co-ordinates operations and manages the delivery of our training.

Matt joined the Royal Marines in 2005 where he completed training as the recipient of the Kings Badge (best Marine within his batch).  After working as a Junior Commander  commanding troops in Afghanistan with 40 Commando Royal Marines and managing the security cell for the Special Boat Service at Poole, he left in 2011.  Since then Matthew has worked for some of the largest firms within the maritime Security Industry and brings extensive operational experience of armed transits and industry best practice.  As CITADEL’s Operations Director, Matthew ensures quick execution and timely delivery of client projects to ensure in the chaotic shipping market our client needs are met.

Nicholas Clarke, Director

When CITADEL began, Nick ensured Citadel traded with diligent attention to compliance regarding the legal purchase, control and export of firearms.  Nick also ensured company adherence to ISO Quality Management Systems, Government Legislation and Health and Safety protocols.  Nick’s primary role now is to ensure that CITADEL continues to develop its internal processes and personnel to ensure CITADEL retains its place as a Maritime Security provider in the upper echelon of the industry.

Nick studied at the University of Plymouth graduating with a First Class degree in International Relations and Politics.  He began his career in London working within sales focused on Investment Banking.  Having served in Afghanistan on two operational deployments, Nick left the Royal Marines in January 2011. After incepting and launching an armed maritime security business unit for a well known unarmed security company, Nick then spent 6 months at sea working as a Maritime Security Officer.  With a meticulous awareness of the realities of Operating in Hostile Environments and a firm commercial grasp of delivering an exceptional service to Clients, Nick continues to search for new ways to enable CITADEL to grow from strength to strength.
Mission Statement
Citadel Maritime enables people to operate safely in high risk maritime environments, by delivering simple solutions to the complex challenge of protecting assets and reputation.