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Social Responsibility
Citadel’s ethos is to contribute to those who are affected by our work.


Save our Seafarers

The greatest victims of the Somali piracy threat are those lost at shore on Somali territory held captive by Criminal Gangs self styled as pirates.  We recognise the unique challenges Somalia faces but we also believe in supporting campaigns for better negotiation, dialogue and relentless effort to release those held captive for ransom.  Citadel believes in addressing the Somali piracy problem from all sides.  However the first issue is the release of innocent seafarer deprived of their freedom.



Help for Heroes

All but one of our employees served in Her Majesty’s Royal Marine Commandos.  Our ethos is to give back to those injured in conflict and who may be struggling to adapt to life back in the United Kingdom. Whilst Citadel’s stringent Health & Safety policies and physical fitness requirements prevent us from employing injured personnel at sea, several of our full-time office staff are injured veterans wounded on Combat Operations abroad.  We believe that veterans have skill-sets that are hard to find in the civilian world and they elevate our business by working with us.  Citadel wholeheartedly supports Help for Heroes and the work that they do.

Mission Statement
Citadel Maritime enables people to operate safely in high risk maritime environments, by delivering simple solutions to the complex challenge of protecting assets and reputation.